2005 Hobie Tiger Worlds
(One design Hobie Cat sailing regatta!)

The Hobie Tiger Worlds were held in Santa Barbra, CA on March 28th-31st 2005. I was lucky enough to get a crewing job on one of these exciting boats so I got in a good ride! In my spare time I was able to snag some great photos of the event... some cool aerial stuff too!

Finally, some video clips! These are large clips, about 15 meg each...
Early AM takoff and low mast top buzz.
Overflight on the last day - "sail slalom".

PHOTOS: Click on the thumbnails to enlarge - enjoy!

The above row of photos were taken by G. Ketterman while I was "on the job"... Thanks G.K.!
To check out the official Hobie website on this event go HERE.

These are some aerial photos of the area and event:

This below are only about 1/3 of all the photos I took during my six days at the event.
Check out
these next
11 frames!
Nice surf
job eh?!