Project: SuperHawk!

That's right, a Hobie Hawk that is not really a Hobie Hawk!

What you are looking at is a modified replica of a Hobie Hawk. In a nutshell, this "SuperHawk" has a lengthened all fiberglass composite fusalege and a modified airfoil on 10 foot wings, the rudder size has been increased as well. The stock Hobie suffered a bit from "waggle" and "rock" mostly because of the short fusalage and small vertical control surfaces (the rudder). Tony J. has hand built everything from scratch, making dramatic improvements along the way.

The airfoil is RG-15 (slope) on this one but he can make you a set with an SD-7037 airfoil for thermaling as well. Tony can build 6', 8' or 10 wings with either airfoil. The fusealage has been lengthened by 11" giving His Hawk a stretched and sleek appearance. The 6 footers would be better on a stock fuse, or one of his stock sized 'glass fuse's. Empty weight is 32 ozs. with 10 foot wings and lengthened fuse' which is lighter than the stock Hobie Hawk! Tony says it flys excellent and hopefully I will soon find out for myself since I already have one on order!

This is not Tony's first time at this type of work, if you will note "RepliHawk" in the photo section and for sale sections, that is his handy work as well... I can personally vouch for the absolute perfection in his craftsmanship!

NICE WORK Tony! I can't wait to fly mine!

If you have ANY questions or would like to order a "SuperHawk" please email me.

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